The Queensland Tongan Rugby Union women’s program received a huge boost today with the recent announcement of Rent4Keeps as an official gold sponsor of the women’s program.

In a time when women’s rugby in general through Queensland and Australia needs corporate support to come out and assist in the rebuilding of its efforts, Queensland Tonga Rugby Union is pleased to secure the Rent4Keep organisation’s support.

“We’re just stoked, and for Rent4Keeps to actively search our program out and specifically ask to support our women’s program is a sign community mindedness and their willingness to promote women’s rugby.”

Supporting Our Women: Pic from 2013 Queensland Tongan women running out for the Grand Final.

Queensland Tonga Rugby Union committee member Katalina Kite also pointed out the real difference the Rent4Keeps support would make for females aspiring to represent the Queensland Tonga community moving forward.

“With no real funding, its well known how hard it is to run these types of programs for our players, but Rent4Keeps coming onboard allows us to ensure we can remove as many financial obstacles as we can from females being able to participate, and that is important considering most women have just forked out $400 – $500 just to play club rugby throughout the year.”

Rent4Keeps will also present this year’s “Freedom for West Papua Cup” player of series award to be played during this year’s Tupi Cup in November.

Freedom for West Papua Cup: Rent4Keeps will present this year’s Player of the Series award. 

The new relationship is one all involved with Queensland Tonga Rugby will hope, as they say keeps keeping on into the future.




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