“Bobby’s Back” : Alamuhu Warhorse Lopeti Si’i Piutau one of ten new debutants named in the squad. Photo Credit: Jeff Genia


The return of the traditional Queensland Tonga foundation teams Alamuhu, Logan Inala and Northside Tongan Barbarians via the inaugural Fa’aleo Tupi Cup was a huge success with great football played and great support from the community. The tournament most importantly allowed for many surprise selection bolters who were rewarded for strong performances at the tournament.

The tournament was won by traditional heavyweights Alamuhu, who trounced Logan Inala in a very hard fought final, and the tournament MVP went to the very talented Kitione Toia whose kicking in general play, running game out wide and goal kicking was a huge benefit to his Alamuhu team going all the way to claim the cup.

The 2015 Queensland Tonga squad sees the introduction of a total of 10 new debutants into the program that will be doing all it can to defend its title and continue its 3 year unbeaten run in the Kings and Queens of Pacific Rugby tournament in October. The 23 players who will eventually go onto Melbourne to play Melbourne Tonga will also come from this list of 30 names named from this squad.

The squad includes some exciting young up and comers like tournament MVP Kitione Toia and Nela Vi who will no doubt benefit from being around the seasoned campaigners in the squad and will see the acceleration of their development moving into the future.

Among the debutants were also some experienced players like loose forward Lopeti Piutau, halfback Siaosi Taufa and inside back Fata Paea who showed there was plenty of fight left in the old lions after outstanding performances in the tournament see them earn their first Queensland Tonga jerseys.

The most pleasing aspect of the squad’s announcement were the names that arguably were perhaps not initially on the radar this year, then go on and force themselves into contention with performances that were impossible to ignore. Guys like Veni Afu, Lea Koloa, Noa Fosita and Peau Vakauta made irresistable claims to a Queensland Tonga jersey and as such, were rightly rewarded.

The introduction of so many players into the Queensland Tonga system provides a compelling reason why this tournament must remain for future years, as a tool to continue unearthing the community’s best players and to also cement the Tongan community’s strong attachment to the sport of rugby union in Queensland.

The squad will be co-captained by Samiuela Satui and Penisimani Toia and in recognition of his outstanding man management and technical nouse heading the Logan Inala team during the tournament, up and coming coach Mosa Afu has been named the official coach of the 2015 mens team. Congratulations to all players named.



Siosiua Afu – Logan Inala Tonga*

Tevita Feao – Alamuhu

Christian Filipine – Northside Tongan Barbarians

Noa Fosita – Northside Tongan Barbarians*

Lea Koloa – Alamuhu*

Feao Fotuaika – Logan Inala Tonga*

Simana Halaifonua – Logan Inala Tonga

Jonathan Kalauta – Alamuhu

Chazz Toli Mahina – Logan Inala Tonga

Liume Maile – Alamuhu*

Maile Ngauamo – Logan Inala Tonga

Lopeti Si’i Piutau – Alamuhu*

Kristian Satui – Northside Tongan Barbarians

Sitanisilao Satui – Northside Tongan Barbarians

Penisimani Toia – Alamuhu (Co-Capt)


Stiveni Afu – Alamuhu

Sebastian Filipe – Alamuhu

Kalavite Kaloni – Alamuhu

Paul Mafi – Alamuhu

Sione Mapitoa – Northside Tongan Barbarians

Tonga Mounga – Alamuhu*

Fata Paea – Logan Inala Tonga*

Rodney Pita – Logan Inala Tonga

Samiuela Satui – Northside Tongan Barbarians (Co-Capt)

Siaosi Taufa – Alamuhu*

Kitione Toia – Alamuhu*

Peau Vakauta – Logan Inala Tonga*

Nela Vi – Northside Tongan Barbarians*

Isaac Weier – Northside Tongan Barbarians


Head Coach – Mosa Afu

Strength and Conditioning Coach – Tevita Senituli Peu

Manager – Daniel Fualalo

(Key: * Queensland Tonga debutant. )


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