“Shake on it?” – Queensland Tonga Rugby Union executive committee members (L-R) Daniel Fualalo, Siosiua Afu, James Kite & Vika Piutau seal the deal with Pontoon Co-Owner and Director Peter Willis the old fashioned way.


The exhaustive search for a manufacturer able to assist in the QTRU’s plans to outreach into the wider community has officially ended today, as the Queensland Tonga Rugby Union officially linked with the rapidly emerging apparel manufacturer, Pontoon Sports as its official uniform supplier for 2015. 

Queensland Tonga Rugby Union executive committee members met with Pontoon Sports representative Sam Fangaloka and Co-Directors Peter and Josh Willis (who flew in from Fiji for the meeting) this morning to officially formalise the deal.

Both parties came to terms excited at what the venture means for both groups moving forward and their ambitious future plans in the rugby arena. Pontoon Sports has actually been in the clothing apparel business for a very long time via the sport of rowing and are now branching out to make their formidable mark in rugby.

The relationship we have with Queensland Tonga Rugby is a strategic one that we have with other reputable groups designed to give our group a good launching pad for our rugby department.

Aside from being pleased with the re-ignited relationship with Queensland Tonga Rugby, Co-Director Josh Willis was also pleased at the efforts of newly appointed Pontoon representative Sam Fangaloka who has “taken the torch” so to speak in terms of pushing the rugby department for the organisation.

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After making the deal on behalf of the group, Queensland Tonga Rugby Union committee member Vika Piutau was looking forward to seeing the new Kidstime FDC Queensland Tonga Rugby Union uniforms come to fruition.

I was really pleased with the overall package, the quality of the garments, the versatility and the professionalism of the Pontoon Sports group. To see such a high standard of those elements, from a group in a similar position to our group in the rugby arena, made it a really easy decision to make for Queensland Tonga Rugby Union.

Now the deal has been done, watch out for the new 2015 uniform designs to be released in the very new future which is an exciting prospect as it will be the first time the Queensland Tonga teams will be able to proudly don their Platinum Sponsor Kids Time Family Day Care on the front of their new jerseys and uniforms.

Also watch out for some great Queensland Tonga Rugby merchandise product lines to be released very shortly as well, some garments never before seen or worn in any other local Pacific rugby program.

Its fair to say that there are definitely exciting times ahead for all Queensland Tonga Rugby people everywhere. Watch this space.



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