“YOU SHALL NOT PASS” – Melbourne Pacific Tour promotional poster. Photo courtesy of ILENS Photography. Artwork courtesy of QTRU Media via meegee82


In line with its strategy to spread the awareness of the Queensland Tonga Rugby Union program to the wider community, at the conclusion of its Kings and Queens of Pacific Tournament commitments, Queensland Tonga Rugby Union will be touring Melbourne where its teams will take on the might of the Melbourne Pacific community. 

In the old tradition of “mid week” touring games, Queensland Tonga will firstly go up against one or two Melbourne Pacific communities teams until it wraps up its tour with a penultimate game against Melbourne Tonga, where the Queensland Tongan men will put up its three year unbeaten, inter State record against the brave tokouas from Melbourne on their home turf. The match against the Melbourne Tonga men will be a danger game for the Queensland Tongans after they were almost ambushed the last they met in Brisbane.

The two mid week games against the two non-Tongan Pacific communities are being finalised at this very moment and will be announced in the very near future.

In a great sign of goodwill, to match Queensland Tonga’s commitment to women’s rugby, Melbourne Tonga will also field a women’s team who will go up against the women of Queensland Tonga who will also be part of the touring party.

There will also be an opportunity for our Mustangs to also join in on the Melbourne Pacific tour as Queensland Tonga will be looking to time the tour with the prestigious 7’s tournaments that also take place in Melbourne to continue Queensland Tonga’s work in developing Tongans in the 7’s arena as well.

The tour will be a massive step towards the QTRU program beginning to branch out to the wider community and will no doubt not just give our players a chance to compete against players they would not normally play against but also continue in their rugby development across all forms of the game and across both genders. Things that the Queensland Tonga Rugby program has been committed to since day one.

Watch this space over the next couple of weeks for more news. preparations for the #MarchToMelbourne Tour have begun! Melbourne Pacifika Rugby get ready….. Queensland Tonga Rugby is coming.



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