Queensland Tonga Rugby eyes future possibilities for its players as QTRU moves on from Monimonu.



After careful consultation with its committee, elders, senior players and stakeholders, Queensland Tonga Rugby Union has decided to officially conclude its role within the Monimonu Union. As a result, Queensland Tonga Rugby will also cease any further official participation in future versions of the tournament.

Whilst there are many reasons for the decision, the main reason is to allow the Queensland Tonga Rugby Union to better focus on, and deliver the group’s objectives to serve the most important element of the QTRU program…. it’s players.

The approach will allow the QTRU greater flexibility to independently focus on other, one on one opportunities with like minded groups both Tongan and non Tongan, both inside and outside the Monimonu, as the QTRU program’s gaze shifts interstate and offshore.

The decision is to ensure that in the ever changing face and growth of rugby both amateur and professional, both local and abroad, Queensland Tonga Rugby is also evolving and growing in line with that, to ensure the program is never stagnant and is continually reaching new heights.

As a co-founding member of the Monimonu, the decision was an immensely difficult and sad one to make for all involved, but the QTRU’s first and foremost consideration since its inception, has always been to act in the best interests of its players.

The decision opens the door to possible new opportunities to play other groups from Sydney, Melbourne, the Willie O Cup, the Felenite or any other group across Australia or overseas, as the QTRU believe the open door policy will only serve to strengthen its player development and player base, which is undoubtedly the best thing for the players under its care.

The Queensland Tonga Rugby Union is grateful to have played a major part in the Monimonu movement since its inception but there is a need to look for fresh challenges.

The Queensland Tonga Rugby Union wish the Monimonu committee Angina Lapa, Benjamin Tapealava, Leki Sisifa and Viliami Tapealava, as well as the remaining arms of the Monimonu the best of luck moving forward, and most importantly look forward to seeing the continued growth of the Monimonu movement irrespective of Queensland Tonga’s departure and plans moving forward.

All involved with Queensland Tonga Rugby union are excited and look forward to the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Watch this space for some major announcements regarding an international tour coming very soon.


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