2014 KQPR Grand Final: Queensland Samoa vs Queensland Tonga (First Half)

Despite some strong performances from the 6 other competing National communities, the traditional rivals were easily the two best teams in the 2014 edition of the Kings of Pacific Rugby tournament. With a rival that dates back centuries as well as both teams having some unfinished business from the previous year where Queensland Tonga were awarded the KQPR crown based on their flawless performance in the pool rounds after the Grand Final was called off due to unplayable whether. Many Samoan supporters believed had they got their opportunity in the Grand Final they had the team to finally wrench the crown from the Tongan’s grasp.

With the Tongans being forced to go the majority of this year’s tournament without their NRC contingent, many good judges believed the mighty run of the Tongans was going to come to an end in 2014. The Pool rounds and semis proved that there is still a great load of talent from the Tongan community worthy of the Queensland Tongan jersey, and each player called upon did their part as the Tongans easily cruised through the round robin and semi finals stages.

The Samoans run into the finals was not as easy, having to scrap in almost all their matches to get to the Grand Final. However, when new challengers stepped up to the plate to challenge the Samoans place as one of the heavyweights of the Queensland Pacific rugby community, the Samoans were always able to repel the challenge with fierce defiance.

Both teams contained players who have played at the top level or who are about to breach the next level in the very near future. Watch the first half of the 2014 Kings of Pacific Rugby Grand Final. First there was 8, now only 2 remain, to become the one true King of Pacific Rugby in Queensland.





Queensland Tonga Rugby Union is proud to announce the following players who have been named by coach Sione Fukofuka to represent Queensland Tonga in the Australian Tongan Battle of the States for the Monimonu Cup. The Monimonu Cup is being held at Souths Rugby Union on November 8th 2014 and the team will again be captained by Sam Satui. The squad contains the best performers from the Kings and Queens of Pacific Rugby tournament as well as a few others who have been called in to cover injuries or non-availability. Continue reading “QUEENSLAND TONGA NAME OFFICIAL 2014 MONIMONU CUP MEN’S SQUAD”