“Kids Time Family Day Care” organisation officially links up with Queensland Tonga Rugby.



The QTRU’s goals of self sufficiency, to allow it to continue its valuable work of harnessing and providing its best and brightest players, coaches, managers, and administrators a forum to excel both on and off the field, has come to fruition after it proudly secured Kids Time Family Day Care as the Principal Platinum Sponsor of its rugby program.

Once Queensland Tonga Rugby complete their duties in this year’s Kings and Queens of Pacific rugby tournament and the Monimonu Cup, the Kids Time Family Day Care organisation will rightfully assume its place on the front of all Queensland Tongan Rugby Union jerseys as the Principal Platinum organisation behind all of our teams.

Kids Time Family Day Care Pty Ltd. is an approved family day care scheme operator. Currently operating in Brisbane and Sydney with approx. 160 educators, the family conscious organisation aims to create a setting in which children will find comfort and kindness as well as an abundance of opportunities for self-discovery, according to individual needs, interests and abilities. KTFDC believes all children have the right to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of religion, race, culture, language, disability or gender.

Queensland Tonga Rugby Program Co-ordinator James Kite said the partnership is a great fit between two organisations with similar ideals and objectives for the community.

“When everything is stripped away, the partnership is a great fit for our group because just like the Kids Time Family Day Care Organisation, Queensland Tonga Rugby Union has an absolute dedication to investing into the future of our community. It is an added bonus for the Queensland Tonga Rugby Union to link up with an organisation that also helps so many people in the community rightfully receive support for the largely thankless but absolutely vital task of bringing up our youth, who are our future.”

“The deal is a historic moment for the humble Queensland Tonga Rugby program and we are blessed to tie ourselves to an organisation that can help so many of our people outside of rugby as well.”

Queensland Tonga Rugby looks forward to working hand in hand with Kids Time Family Day Care to achieve the community conscious objectives of both organisations, ensuring a bright future for QTRU members, stakeholders and supporters and has ultimately brought the lofty dreams of the QTRU within reach.


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