(Inset: Queensland Tonga Men’s manager Daniel (Taniela) Fualalo)


Queensland Tonga Rugby’s ongoing search for excellence both on and off the field, continues with the recent appointment of the vastly experienced Daniel Fualalo to the position of manager for the men’s team for the 2014/2015 campaign. With extensive experience in New Zealand and Australia, Fualalo will bring a wealth of knowledge to the QTRU in its continued quest for absolute legitimacy in the Pacific and wider community.

After gaining valuable experience in New Zealand working with the prestigious Ponsonby club as a player, coach and manager (a club that still holds the record for providing the most players into the All Blacks), Fualalo also worked with respected Tongan community teams such as Siutaka (New Zealand Tonga) that toured Tonga under the leadership of the late Nopele Kalanuivalu Fotofili, Malakai ‘Alatini and coach Inga Tuigamala. After a great rugby education in the land of the long white cloud, Fualalo then moved across the Tasman.

Upon settling in Brisbane Australia, Fualalo arrived at the Easts Tigers club in Brisbane, where he held numerous coaching roles that contributed to a number of club successes, before he took up an opportunity to move to Mt Isa to take up a representative coaching post in North Queensland. Fualalo enjoyed a great deal of personal success whilst in Mt Isa, the most notable of his numerous achievements in North Queensland being named President of the Rugby Union between 2009-2012 and also being a board member on the Queensland Country Rugby Union between 2010-2012. He is perhaps the only known Tongan to have held such a position to this day as a figurehead of an entire union in Queensland.

Queensland Tonga Rugby executive committee member Katalina Kite was pleased to see someone of Fualalo’s experience and standing join the QTRU family.

“Daniel is a great addition to our team, who joins guys like Dr Viliami Tapealava, Dr Moni Kami and the great team we already have on board who, despite their strong standings in the community, have no issue getting actively involved with the QTRU.”

“Daniel’s appointment strengthens and adds depth to the strong existing team behind the scenes, and will hopefully continue to compliment the strong team culture we already have on the field. We hope that this will hopefully ensure sustainability and a strong working foundation for the future of the QTRU.”

Speaking with QTRU news, Fualalo made it clear that he hoped his extensive experience, skills, and knowledge would help the QTRU achieve and surpass it’s many worthy cultural, sporting, and community objectives. The newly appointed manager also held high hopes to achieve those goals whilst still maintaining the core family values intrinsically synonymous to the Tongan and Pacific cultures.

“I hope to work in a caring, responsible, community focused management team that offers ongoing challenges where I can make a positive and valuable contribution to the people (i.e. Players, coaches, managers, officials etc) who are the true assets of the QTRU, as part of my role.”

With Fualalo satisfying the four main criteria expected of all Queensland Tongan staff (dedication, loyalty, accountability and attention to detail), the former Queensland Country board member is an ideal fit for the QTRU, where he joins a team well known locally for working away in the interests for the betterment of the entire Tongan community in Queensland.

It goes without saying that the entire QTRU family look forward to seeing Fualalo stamp his own considerable mark on the collective Queensland Tonga Rugby dream, and judging from Fualalo’s past exploits the Queensland Tonga Rugby family is of the belief that is not a matter of if, but simply a matter of when, they will be seeing some great things coming to fruition with Fualalo now officially part of the engine of the Queensland Tongan machine, the team behind the scenes.




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