(Inset: The Rugby Clinic & Freney Enterprises Owner Nathan Freney)


Queensland Tonga Rugby Union is pleased to announce that “The Rugby Clinic” has officially come on board as an official Gold Sponsor of Queensland Tonga Rugby Union. Run by Nathan Freney who also manages our women’s team, Freney advised after coming on board this year and seeing operations at the ground level, supporting Queensland Tonga through his business interests was an absolute no brainer. 

“I have been impressed to no end with what the Queensland Tonga Rugby program is able to do considering their limited resources and the professionalism and work ethic of the group, which has made it easy for me to come on board to support such a worthy community cause. I hope that my contribution can assist in some way to help the QTRU realize their ultimate goals for their players, coaches, managers and administrators.”

“The Rugby Clinic” run by Freney, focuses on improving player’s rugby skills and differs from other programs achieving results because training support is provided via ‘one on one’ sessions that ultimately assists the individual player achieve optimum results. The Rugby Clinic covers two main areas of expertise, namely:

1. SKILLS/ (Attacking) & (Defence) LINE


Development of these important key areas in the dawn of professional rugby age will undoubtedly assist players to thrive and improve their game. So, if you want to improve as a rugby player get in contact with “The Rugby Clinic” and organise a consultation so you can be provided with assistance to specifically pinpoint what needs to done to improve in terms of rugby skills and work can commence to help you realise your full potential today. For further information please contact 0423 046 631 or email nathan@freneyenterprises.com.au. Alternatively, you can find them on Facebook.

Queensland Tonga Rugby would like to thank “The Rugby Clinic” for their support of the Queensland Tonga community and program and the organisation as a whole looks forward to a prosperous relationship in the future. Please support the organisations that support Queensland Tonga Rugby.



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